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Order your tin capsules, quartz tubes, chromium oxide and other catalysts and reagents for your elemental analyzer or nitrogen protein analyzer here on our website. Of course, as always, you can still place an order by fax, phone or email if you prefer

Costech product line - overview
ECS 4010 CHNSO analyzer

ECS 4010 CHNSO Analyzer

The ECS 4010 CHNSO analyzer is an accurate, precise, easy to use organic elemental analyzer. It is ideal for the analysis of total Nitrogen, Carbon, Hydrogen, Sulfur, or Oxygen in soil, sediments, plant material, pharmaceuticals, organic chemicals, oil additives, fuels and many other organic and inorganic samples. It can be easily connected to a mass spectrometer for stable isotope analysis.
Autosamplers - The Zero Blank Autosampler

Autosamplers - The Zero Blank Autosampler

The Zero Blank Autosampler developed by Costech, uses a "sealed carousel" design. All samples are purged simultaneously with helium in an enclosed chamber. This eliminates any nitrogen background (from atmosphere) which is introduced in the open carousel sampler when it moves to drop the sample into the reactor.