PN150 Autosampler for Solid Samples

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pneumatic autosampler
Our 150 position (147 actual) pneumatic autosampler has been designed for those applications where high throughput is a necessity. The carousels have large holes (11.5 mm OD) to accommodate large or bulky samples, such as glass fiber filters, which may get stuck in autosamplers with smaller diameter holes. The carousels are open to atmosphere, which means samples can be added continuously while running; only one sample at a time is purged while waiting to be dropped into the combustion furnace. A large viewing port allows you to clearly see the sample combustion during the analysis.

The piston is quickly and easily removed from the autosampler for cleaning or replacement of the sealing o-rings. The o-rings used are a made of a specially compounded material which is both durable and in inexpensive. Under normal operation the o-rings should last 15,000-20,000 samples before replacement is necessary.

The autosampler is driven by gas, usually dry air, at 2-2.5 Bar of pressure. The large air cylinder which actuates the piston is efficient and powerful, and can easily drive the autosampler with all three carousels mounted. Large indexing and cam stop springs allow the autosampler to maintain a constant alignment. For smooth operation with multiple carousels, the bottoms have been coated with a special material which helps to minimize friction between them.