terms and conditions

Prices for items listed on this website are effective January 2007. Prices do not include shipping and insurance. All applicable state, federal and local taxes are added to the invoice unless tax exempt status is shown.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Shipments will normally be sent UPS, FOB Valencia, CA. If express delivery is required please indicate when ordering. Freight charges are prepaid and added to the invoice. Some hazardous materials require special packaging requirements. Any additional charges for special packaging will be added to the invoice.
Payment terms are 100%, net 30 days.
A damaged shipping carton should be refused and the carrier notified. If the carton is undamaged but the products inside are damaged, notify our office.
All products are of the highest quality, will give consistent, reliable results and are warranted for 90 days to be free from defects in quality and workmanship. If during the warranty period a defect is detected, Costech Analytical Technologies will, at its discretion, provide a replacement or credit.
Costech Analytical Technologies’ products are intended for use by laboratory personnel trained in the handling and use of these materials, and only in laboratory applications. Users should exercise special care in handling glassware and chemicals. The buyer and/or user are responsible for the safe handling, storage and disposal of all products ordered from this website. Costech Analytical Technologies’ responsibility is limited to the supply of products; all other liability is expressly excluded.
The use of CE Instruments trade names and part numbers on this website are for customer convenience only and do not imply that products are of CE Instruments origin. CE Instruments models EA 1106, NA 1500, NA 1500 Series 2, EA 1108, NA 2000, NA 2500 and EA 1110, are trademarks of CE Instruments, Strada Rivoltana, 20090 Rodano, Milan, Italy.